The term Lanyards covers a lot of ground in history and basically means a strap that held something in place. Lanyards are used as a tool to hold name badges, flash drives, keys and are customized with company logos and art to be given way as promotional gifts for prospective customers.The largest market is in the neck lanyard area.

Many corporations use them as identification badge holders and it is very convenient for employees to slip the lanyard around their neck and wear it for the day and then remove it without damaging any clothing from pin holes or anything else.

These bright colored straps are quite useful for this purpose and are sold by the thousands. Not only do corporations use them for their own employees, but breakaway lanyards are also used as promotional giveaways as the wide strap is great for imprinting company logos and other advertising information on both sides. Some fabric custom lanyards are even woven with the design and logo as a part of the material. They are given away to customers and other interested parties at trade shows and for advertising purposes.

These tools come in wide strap, round strap, recycled straps, “green” straps and many different lengths and just about every color under the rainbow. Besides different colors they have many ways of holding items with the snap hook and split ring being among the most common. Both of these come in different sizesneck strap lanyard depending on the weight of the objects being carried. Snap hooks make it easy to put things on and off and are useful if you need to change what you are carrying frequently. A slip ring is like the rings on key chains and once you get something slipped around the ring to hold it can be a chore to get them removed.

Our partners carry a wide selection of cheap lanyards and even cheap custom lanyards. Prices get very cheap when buying by the thousands and some price breaks are found in hundred lot purchases. Evaluate your needs for promotional items and then shop around to come up with the price that keeps you under budget.

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